Exhibition Proposals

MUŻA Call For Proposals

Applications are now closed

MUŻA, the National Museum of Art, invites Applications for: Exhibition Proposals, Artists in Residence, Site-Specific Installations and Works in Dialogue for the temporary exhibitions period August 2024 – December 2026. 

Exhibition Proposals: Attention artists and curators! We are currently accepting exhibition proposals for our upcoming season. We welcome proposals that showcase unique and innovative concepts across all artistic disciplines, including but not limited to visual arts, performance art, and multimedia installations. This is an opportunity to showcase your work in a dynamic and engaging space, and we encourage proposals from emerging and established artists alike. Submit your proposals now and be a part of our exciting exhibition season!

Artist in residence: We are thrilled to announce that we are once again accepting applications for our artist in residence program. This is an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in an inspiring and creative environment and to have access to resources and facilities that will help you develop your craft. We encourage artists from all disciplines to apply and and engage with a supportive community.

Site-Specific Installations creates a platform for artists to exhibit Site-Specific Installations in the MUŻA foyer and in Merchants’ Street, Valletta on the side of the entrance to MUŻA. Artists are invited to submit challenging, curious, and immersive projects for this new call which will be available on our calendar for temporary exhibitions between August 2024 and December 2026.

Works in Dialogue is a new opportunity for artists to exhibit works of artistic interpretations or dialogues with artists and works within the National Collection. These exhibitions will be held in the Camerone and parts of which can be exhibited also in the MUŻA Galleries depending on the theme, space and any other considerations. Works from the National Collection can be included in the exhibition within the Camerone. Public Programmes are encouraged and MUŻA will assist in these programmes. MUŻA may include events during these public programmes or conduct public programmes during particular exhibitions according to the theme. 

MUŻA will be inviting interested applicants to submit their proposals which will be available on our calendar for temporary exhibitions between August 2024 and December 2026.

MUŻA Vision

Connecting people through ART.

MUŻA Mission 

We strive to achieve our vision by:

    • Putting people at the core of what we do at MUŻA.
    • To serve as the hub of artistic expression, design and debate. 
    • Nurture art appreciation through enjoyment, discovery and learning.
    • Conserving and preserving Malta’s National art collection to honour our past, respond to our present and inspire our future recognising our distinct National Identity.
    • Stimulate cultural awareness, diversity and inclusiveness.

Call availability:

Applications are to reach MUŻA through the online call for proposals from the 11th April  2023 to end June 2023 at noon. The online application form is available on the MUŻA and Heritage Malta website. 

For a concise breakdown of dates pertaining to this Call, kindly refer to the timeline further below. 

Application procedure:

Step 1 – The interested applicant fills in the application, attaches the required documents and presses ‘submit’. The applicant receives a receipt of application through the provided email address. 

Step 2 – Where necessary, applicants will be contacted for further questioning on any queries presented by the Exhibitions Board. Applicants have 1 week to answer queries pertaining to their application. 

Step 3 – Accepted applicants will be contacted by the curatorial team to start the necessary discussions and way forward. 


Start of programme –  August 2024


End of programme –  December 2026





Call launch

Tuesday 11th April 2023


11 weeks +

Call closing

Friday 30th June 2023


2 weeks

Exhibitions Board decision deadline – round 1

Friday 14th July 2023


1 week

Deadline for communication with applicants for further information / or clarifications of any queries

Friday 21st  July 2023


1 week

Deadline for responses from applicants regarding queries

Friday 28th July 2023


1 week

Exhibitions Board decision deadline – round 2

Friday 4th August 2023


1 week

Final decision communicated to applicants

Friday 11th August 2023


1. Available spaces + site plans + available items/services per site for Exhibition Proposals, Artists in Residence and Works in Dialogue:

Curatorial plans: Applicants are requested to take note of the site plans provided and to send a detailed curatorial plan along with the application form and attachments. The attached plans will be an indication of the proposed exhibition and is not in any way considered to be the final curatorial outcome. Final stages of the curatorial plan will be discussed with and confirmed by Heritage Malta’s curatorial, exhibitions and logistics staff.

The exhibition can be held according to the applicant’s choice in one of the spaces at MUŻA mentioned below (unless Heritage Malta directs the applicant to another space). The choice of site should be clearly indicated in the application.

Preference will be given to Works in Dialogue, however exhibitions by one artist or a collective can be held in this space. These exhibitions should be accompanied by a catalogue and should be curated, with all basics including marketing, social media, info panels, captions and general interpretation up to high standards.

2. Available spaces for site specific installation applications:

MUŻA Public Space 

MUŻA – Corridor 1 Site Plan
MUŻA – Corridor 2 Site Plan
MUŻA – Corridor 3 Site Plan 
MUŻA – Courtyard Site Plan

Please note that should applicants wish to exhibit in the courtyard, only half of the courtyard space is available as the other half is occupied by the MUŻA restaurant.The other three corridor spaces refer to one corridor near the Camerone, another by the main entrance off Merchant Street and a third by the turnstile entrance to the Museum Galleries. MUŻA may also allocate alternative sites. The applicant should keep in mind that this is a public space with free access. Any damages are the applicants’ responsibility. Free-standing, large-scale and installation works are highly recommended.

Applicant Benefits for all proposals:

    • Accepted applicants will benefit from free use of the Auberge d’Italie space/s confirmed by the curatorial team and adhering to the call’s available spaces. 
    • The opportunity to form part and exhibit as part of the MUŻA exhibition calendar. 
    • Applicants will coordinate with, be assisted and supported by Heritage Malta’s exhibitions, logistics and curatorial staff for the setting up of their exhibitions.
    • The accepted applicant will receive installation support consisting of basic exhibition logistics such as basic lighting and a selection of technical construction to be confirmed with the Exhibitions Department.
    • The applicant will benefit from in-house marketing and promotional elements confirmed with the curatorial and marketing teams including an in-house leaflet design and printing for every project/exhibition on the programme. 
    • Overtime of Front of House staff covered during inauguration of project/exhibition.

Proposal submission guidelines and conditions:

    • All interested Projects/Curators/Artists wishing to form part of the MUŻA exhibitions calendar must submit an application using the online system presented hereunder. 
    • All proposals must be submitted by the closing deadline. Any proposals submitted after the final deadline will not be considered.
    • All proposals are to adhere to creative and artistic practices presented in the artistic vision and the MUŻA mission statement above. 
    • Exhibitions will not be charged but an artwork is to be donated to Heritage Malta to form part of the National Collection. Final choice of artwork will be decided together with the curatorial team. 
    • Venue reservations will not be considered on the MUŻA call for proposals and part of the creative programme. For venue reservations kindly email info@muza.org.mt
    • Attached documents are to be submitted in PDF format. 
    • Lists of prices and means to mark an artwork as ‘sold’ or ‘reserved’ are not permitted. 
    • For the inauguration and any other events tied exclusively to the exhibition, artists will avail themselves of MUŻA Café’s catering facilities.
    • A formal agreement including all terms and conditions will be signed by Heritage Malta and the applicant following acceptance of the proposal. 
    • Any indication or suggestion of dates by the applicant in the proposal will be taken into consideration but not guaranteed. The final dates will be confirmed through an agreement signed between the applicant and Heritage Malta. All changes to dates following the signed agreement will be agreed upon and confirmed in writing with Heritage Malta and a MUŻA delegate. 
    • The applicant is responsible for any other expenses which might include extra catalogues/leaflets, additional lighting and further display material not available at MUŻA, Heritage Malta. These also include staff costs for additional events beyond inauguration, when extra initiatives are held beyond the museum’s opening hours.
    • Incomplete applications may not be considered. 
    • Any extensive changes occurring after proposal submissions are to be duly noted by sending an email to info@muza.org.mt
    • If you require assistance filling in the online application form, kindly email info@muza.org.mt or call on +356 2122 0006. 
    • Applicants are encouraged to first check the fields of the application form in order to prepare any file uploads and text beforehand eg) CV, Portfolio, Curatorial Plan etc. The form does not allow to be saved when partially filled in and therefore having all the material prepared beforehand will help for a smooth submission.