| Pot à Canon |

Workshop of Maestro Domenego de’ Betti

Pot à Canon

Workshop of Maestro Domenego de’ Betti
Late 16th century
h. 36.5 w. 22 cm, circumference 98 cm
Mediterranean Gallery – Beauty and Purpose
MUŻA has a large collection of Maiolica vases of Sicilian, South Italian and Venetian production. This albarello or pot à canon, a cylindrical jar with straight sides and a wide mouth, was once used as a container for mustard seeds or mustard paste, as its inscription (Mostarda) testifies. Its cobalt blue background is embellished by a light blue, green, yellow and white array of floral, foliage and fruit elements mingled with monochromatic stylised human and animal figures. The front is dominated by a proud horse with a raised leg while the back has an imaginary scene, or 'istoriato', consisting of a peasant or shepherd before a hilly landscape, all framed by leaves, flowers and seeds. This elaborate decoration links this vase to the workshop of Mastro Domenego de’ Betti, who was active in Venice in the 16th century. Documentary evidence shows that this particular albarello was used in the 'spezieria', or pharmacy, of the Sacra Infermeria, the Hospital of the Order of St John.


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