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| What is the Object over There? Points of Contact No. 17 |

Victor Pasmore (1908-1998)

What is the Object over There? Points of Contact No. 17

Victor Pasmore (1908-1998)
282 x 76.5 cm
Silkscreen and mixed media on canvas
The Artist Gallery – Victore Pasmore: A British Artist in Malta
This work forms part of a series called 'Screenprints with poetry' produced in 1973-74 and printed at Kelpta studio. Apart from the outstanding typical iconography used by Pasmore, a short poem is included on the left-hand side of the work. For this composition, the artist worked on different planes with the use of colour which he managed to balance with different shapes to convey harmony on this long canvas. This was also achieved with the use of the black lines and dot motifs which were commonly used by Pasmore from the mid-1960s onwards. Taking a closer look at this very unique piece, one realises that the artist used the collage technique and that some of the symbols are not painted but are pieces of canvas stuck on the surface. This playful technique was very much used by the artist, especially after he settled in Malta.


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