| Portrait of an unknown lady |

Follower of Jan van Scorel (1495-1562)

Portrait of an unknown lady

Follower of Jan van Scorel (1495-1562)
66 x 47 cm
Oil on slate
Europe Gallery – Mobility, Connections, Directions
This half-length portrait shows a woman in three-quarter profile view. Her dark eyes are intensely fixed on the viewer. She is dressed in black attire, with a white collar and cuffs. Her hair is tucked neatly underneath her black coif, which frames her pale face. The figure seems to occupy a space, a corner between two walls, where she casts a shadow. An exquisite tortoiseshell frame complements the painting. This work is one of the gems in a small section of the room ‘Mobility, Connections, Directions’ which is dedicated to paintings from Northern Europe. Jan van Scorel was a Dutch painter, who spent a number of years in Italy, absorbing the style of Italian Renaissance painting, aspects of which he helped to introduce into the Dutch and Flemish Renaissance style. This immensely popular new style was adopted by many artists. This painting is, in fact, by a faithful follower of van Scorel.


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