My Body (is) / (not) Your Business Card?

Charlene Galea

14 April 2023 - 14 May 2023

Movement is about changing space and bringing in new energy. We wake up everyday thinking we have just one body or really, it is one body we really know of and recognise, but in reality our body is many up of so many bodies – physical, emotional, working, conscious, anatomical. Such a complex body yet so many ways of discovering our body. The body is a social and cultural tool – who is controlling them and how can we unexplore them? During the months residency Charlene will explore concepts of care, slow art and co-creation by working with different bodies (in/ out/ around the art scene) through various task-based movement activities and storytelling of the body.

The space will be turned into a warm shared living room environment where conversations, reading and experiments can take place. ‘My body (is) / (not) your business card?’ will allow others to have a voice – without putting barriers to what is termed as ‘professional’ and allow space for mistakes or different opinions to merge together into a (hopefully) final performance ‘The Walk Of Shame. Does it matter if you sing well or look well or draw well or dance well or pose well or create well enough? Who makes things matter? Who has the power? My body is not your business card, or is it your business card if we listen to each other? Following her training in Budapest, Charlene is ready to open doors for action and practice within the community.

Current research questions within her practice involves, ‘Why the autobiographical is so important in performance art?’ and ‘How the realness of the private can be communicated to the public through care and concern in live art?’ In the space Charlene will present her previous works, so the visitor will have the opportunity to learn more about her journey. Charlene Galea in collaboration with Etienne Farrell, Maria Sammut, Bob Attard, Judith van der Made, Deborah Falzon, Diellza Illgner, Rachelle Deguara, Sarah Vella, Wiebksplace, Sarah Portelli, Ghagel Dingli, David Grech and Claire Farrugia