Highlights of the month

The Raising of Lazarus

Andrea Vicentino (Italian, 1542-1617)
16th century
Oil on canvas
114 x 146 cm
Europe gallery – Mobility, Connections, directions
‘The Raising of Lazarus’ by the Italian painter, Andrea Vicentino, characteristically reflects his Venetian Mannerist influences. He was particularly impacted by the dynamic and emotionally charged style of the great master, Tintoretto. Vicentino’s love for the powerful effects of the dramatic diagonal are seen in this composition which is based on a narrative of commotion accentuated by expressive gestures. The intimate connection between Christ and Lazarus is represented by their raised hands. Enlivening bursts of colour are moderated by areas of misty chiaroscuro that enhance the overall sense of restlessness. This painting comes from the Grand Masters’ Palace Collection.