The Old Master Drawings Collection at MUŻA: Highlights from the Vincenzo Bonello Acquisition(1933-1934) |

25th October from 6:00 - 7:00 pm

On the 25th October from 6:00 – 7:00 pm, a public lecture will be held by Dr Stefania Lumetta (PhD, Specialist, Old Master and 19th century paintings at Bonhams, Paris) at the Community Space, MUŻA.

The little-known collection of Old Master Drawings at MUŻA owes its origins to Museum purchases and donations from Maltese collectors, as part of the acquisition strategy of the Fine Arts section of the National Museum. Subsequently, in 1933, this collection of the Old Master Drawings was enriched by its largest single purchase of drawings under the initiative of the curator Vincenzo Bonello (Curator 1924 to 1937).

Without doubt, the acquisition of this collection was influenced by Bonello’s passion, though not exclusively, of Italian Art. This explains the strong presence of Italian Old Master Drawings, whose attributions still attract the interest of scholars.

This discussion will highlight the most important drawings by the great artists of the Art Historical Canon, such as: Perugino, Carpaccio, Guercino, Mattia Preti, Baglione and Passerotti, unveiling new discoveries and attribution proposals.

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