Strangers in a Strange Land |

Multiple Artists

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14 Feb 2020 - 8 Mar 2020

‘Strangers in a Strange Land’ is a multidisciplinary exhibition about being female in a world narrated by and designed for men. Visual and multidisciplinary artists react to the status quo of a male-oriented world.
‘Strangers in a Strange Land’ sees the world’s default as a man’s reality; our spaces, tools and narratives are designed to fit a man’s physicality and masculine behaviour. This show asks how patriarchal norms – many so ubiquitous that we are not even conscious of them – can be challenged effectively. How can the status quo in a male-oriented world be redefined systematically, soberly and successfully? And how can new ways of being be normalised to reflect a more balanced world?
Artists explore how we can re-design, re-narrate and re-see what is said, and what is valued. What can a more feminine perspective contribute, and what does a feminine perspective mean in terms of physical, philosophical and societal outlooks? And does the bilateral depiction of ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ exist, or to what extent is it a false construct?

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Multiple Artists

A Collective

Barumbara Collective; Etienne Farrell + Charlene Galea; Roxman Gatt; Letta Shtohryn


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A Collective