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Cyril Sancereau

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01 Jul 2022 - 07 Aug 2022

« The sea is your mirror, you are contemplating your own soul » Beaudelaire.

If the movement of the sea reflects the movement of our thoughts it’s the steady rhythm of the waves which is conducive to the return to oneself.

I film the sometimes minute variations of the surface of the sea by focusing on the motion, the texture, the light, and the shadow. I rely on black and white to create a sense of timelessness. With those « samples » collected I create a silent video on a hypnotic rhythm to invite the viewer to lose his bearings and give way to the contemplation, opening up to a world in constant motion.

This video is a work in progress. The final form is only visible in ephemeral in-situ installations as the editing depends of the architecture where this video is projected. The aim is to create an immersive, contemplative and meditative experience.

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Cyril Sancereau

Cyril Sancereau (1974) is a French artist from Paris, based in Malta. His photographic and video work tries to document the impermanence of the landscape. Cyril focuses his attention on fragments of territory, where the transition and the ‘in-between’ are revealed. He deliberately excludes all identifying features of place and relies on black and white to create a timelessness abstract landscape. Cyril Sancereau attempts to capture the sometimes minute variations in nature to create for the viewer a sensitive and contemplative experience.

Recently his video « wave » has been curated by Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens for The One Minute Series « Imagine earth is your lover» screened at  Excéntrico, Valparaiso/Santiago (CL), Museum Hilversum (NL), Remise, Amsterdam (NL), Reykjavík International Film Festival (IS).

As well the photo N°3789 has been curated by the Photographic Exploration Project for the exhibition « Transition » in Brussels and the video installation GWL « Gozo Winter Landscape » was exhibited in Paris for Nuit Blanche in 2019.

Andreas Lubich

Andreas [LUPO] Lubich (1970) is a half-French sound artist living in Berlin. He’s specialized in mastering and sound-design as well as in cutting vinyl master-discs. With a background in Berlin’s experimental jazz as well as electronic music scene,  he initiated “Der Leiseste Club Der Welt”, a series of events in abandoned locations.

He also collaborated over the years with various artists such as Goodiepal, Stine Marie Jacobsen,  Olaf Nicolai, Angela Bulloch, Matthew Antezzo. As co-owner of the mastering studio “Dubplates & Mastering”, later as senior mastering engineer of “Calyx Mastering” and his own venture “Loop-O Mastering”, he has mastered the releases  of over hundreds of artists and thousands of releases.

LUPO’s work explores the boundaries of sound and noise and plays with perceptual traditions.

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