Study Collection

Preserving the legacy of MUŻA

The National Art Collection held at MUŻA amounts to much more than the artworks on display. Our Reserve or Study Collection houses over 15,000 works of art and artefacts. These are often exhibited on a rotational basis within MUŻA’s four narratives, and are featured in temporary exhibitions.

Located on the second floor in two large rooms, the Study Collection was conceptualised to provide greater accessibility to the public in order to view at close range those artefacts not on permanent display. Paintings are hung on vertical pull-out sliding racks. Glass-fronted cabinets house sculpture and large artefacts, while furniture is stored on sturdy shelving. Smaller objects like snuff boxes, pocket watches, and glassware are displayed under safety glass in tiers of drawers. A curved iron staircase leads to a mezzanine where rows of maiolica jars and decorative artefacts are stored. Within the drawers of the plan chests, drawings, prints and maps are stored. The Study Collection is protected by finely tuned climate control units.

This Study Collection will form part of a resource centre that will also feature a library and archive, a ‘first aid’ conservation and documentation lab, and a research area for scholars, students and art lovers. If you would like to see artworks in our study collection contact us here.