Guilty |

Etienne Farrell

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05 May 2022 - 12 Jun 2022

Away from feminist, cultural or religious influences and impositions, GUILTY is intended to aid in the exploration of what it may mean to be “guilty of being a woman”.

Black and white deadpan photographs lay bare and bring to the spotlight experiences, discomforts, health issues and situations that only women can experience at first-hand.

The work is aimed at initiating healthy discussions, to help people notice, to work towards understanding and to become more aware of the states of others.


Be an active part of GUILTY

In line with MUŻA’s vision which seeks to develop a participatory museum model for the arts, GUILTY is inviting the audiences’ active and direct participation.

Join the artist and other interested participants on Sunday 22nd May, between 10:00AM and 11.15AM, for a healthy discussion about the importance of becoming more aware of the states of others, while promoting solidarity among members of our community.

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Etienne Farrell

Etienne Farrell is a contemporary Maltese Artist who works in different media, often dedicating her work to interpreting emotive issues. By capturing the simple, honest, fleeting moments of life, she seeks to produce work that transmits the human narrative. Her work foregrounds the little details, the connections, and the emotions which can easily go unnoticed in a fast-paced world. She often employs photography’s power of communication, at times fusing it with other media, in order to reveal new understandings and meanings, appealing for the involvement of the audience to the same extent as her own involvement in producing the work. Her work was exhibited both locally and internationally. She graduated in BA History of Art and Communication Studies, PGCE, PGDEAM, Master in Interculture and Environmental Management, and Master of Fine Arts in Digital Arts.

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