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Face of the Virgin, known as ‘Veronica de la Virgen’

Copy after Juan de Juanes (Valencian, c.1507-1579)
c. 1580s – 1600
Oil on canvas
45 x 36 cm
Mediterranean gallery – Beauty and Purpose
This small painting shows the Virgin Mary in an iconography known as the ‘Veronica de la Virgen’. It is a very faithful copy after a renowned painting by the Valencian Renaissance painter Juan de Juanes which he had originally made as part of a double-sided reliquary, showing the Virgin on one side and Christ on the other. Both panels of the Virgin and Christ are in the Church of San Nicolás in Valencia on either side of the main altar. The painting is a Renaissance depiction of the popular Spanish 15th-century International Gothic image of the true effigy of the Virgin, which is usually accompanied by an image of the true effigy of Christ, both known as Veronicas. The Veronica of the Virgin Mary is an image considered to be a derivation of Saint Luke's portrait of the Virgin and associated with the image of Christ's face on Veronica's veil.