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Alfred Camilleri

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17 Jun 2022 - 24 Jul 2022

‘CONNECTIONS’ builds on the principle that right from its initial germination stage by its creator up to its final realization and hence its public exposure all art extracts and provides a number of connections in various ways.

As much as any work of art develops through some specific experience or mindset, be it of the emotional, intellectual or purely rational type, the same happens with the viewer who may recall an experience, receive an emotion or derive his/her personal meaning from the work in question.

In his compositions, Camilleri connects the utilitarian past in the life of the material towards a new sense of aesthetic and/or expressive significance. In this process there is a transformation, a metamorphose, a literary or symbolic recycle, yet a hint or link to the previous state of the material may still be preserved.

‘CONNECTIONS’ probes the theme in three sets of works. In the ‘Scapes’ and ‘Compo’ series specific objects go through a process of re-inventing and re-positioning their existence while ‘Art Connects Us’ is an installation consisting of collages of imagery of international works of art while fusing a direct statement about connecting and reciprocating human cultural values through art.

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Alfred Camilleri

Alfred Camilleri was born in Valletta in 1950. After receiving his formal education at the Lyceum, he proceeded to further his technical education through an apprenticeship at Malta Drydocks in the late 60s, at the Government Technical Institute and at Malta Polytechnic.

His deep interest in the Humanities also led him to read for a B.A. at the University of Malta in the 90s. He studied painting under Esprit Barthet (1919-1999) at the Government School of Art. Camilleri had a 40 year teaching career in various state schools which include the Art and Design Centre, Valletta and MCAST Institute of Art and Design since its inception in 2000 until his retirement in 2011.

Camilleri has been involved in a range of art and design projects both profane and religious comprising the 2D and 3D aspects of art. He has exhibited on a regular basis in various collective exhibitions and held nine solo exhibitions. A number of his works are part of Malta’s State Collection at MUZA.

Patrick Galea

Born in Mdina in 1954, I furthered my architecture/design studies in Leeds Metropolitan University (73-77) and graduating BA Hons. Post graduate studies inEducation followed in 1978-79 at the University of Malta.A career in Education as lecturer and Director (MCAST), part-time lecturer Faculty for the Built Environment UOM (1989-2019), paralleled by a professional freelance consultancy in the commercial and hospitality sector from 1980 – 2016,(designer for Hilton International 1982 -1993, Zammit Clapp Hospital ’92, Westin Dragonara Malta, and other corporate entities)

Concurrently I have curated numerous personal and individual solo and collective art exhibitions in Malta, Italy and Germany including design and execution of their set-ups. These have included “Itinera”, “Rotta tal-Arti” (2006 -2011), University / MCAST / Education Ministry Project Expos.

I have always nurtured a love for the arts especially Maltese 20thcentury and the contemporary scene. Following my retirement in 2016, I dedicate more time to curating exhibitions and promoting local artists, and am inspired to paint the Maltese landscape.

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