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14 December 2021 - 16 January 2022

For far too long we have excavated, constructed, demolished, dumped and restarted. AKKA by A Collective seeks to bring together key individuals to raise awareness on the impact that quarrying for natural stone has on our landscape, coupled with the increasing space consumed by blindly dumping construction waste, and, in turn bringing to light Professor S. Buhagiar’s reconstituted limestone, a recycled and recyclable construction material, ‘ReStone’.

Historically, we cut the ground on which we built to ensure that the material used for construction was contextually adequate. The principles were inherently sustainable but as construction boomed, sustainable practices where brushed aside for economic gain. It’s time to reconsider the economic cycles and put the environment at the forefront. The sand coloured limestone walls are an intrinsic aspect of the Maltese landscape which cannot be discarded, so whilst the reconstituted limestone retains this intrinsic sand colour it allows for the sustainably engineered stone to be used in a contemporary manner.
AKKA, ‘H’ in Maltese, was conceived as a contemporary interpretation of the standard limestone building block. AKKA attempts to challenge the common perception of stone as a heavy, impermeable and static material whilst playing on vernacular construction techniques of stacking, spanning and interlocking. AKKA strives to portray reconstituted limestone as a sustainable solution for contemporary architecture which respects the past and looks forward to a cleaner and greener approach.


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A Collective

A Collective

Established in 2014, A Collective is a Malta based architecture studio, aspiring to form a collaborative of creative and passionate individuals.

The studio seeks to create spatial experiences which in turn mould fundamental architectural parameters such as space, proportions, light and materials. This is achieved by disregarding stylistic materiality and focusing on quality of space, environmental awareness and economic sustainability. The studio roots itself in contextual design, hoping to enrich the architectural landscape and enhance the quality of life of the end user.

The approach is purely architectural, concerned with the infiltration of natural light and its resulting play of shadows, shaping spaces through an eclectic palette inspired by honesty, purity and nature.

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